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The Ovary Jones Set

One of the biggest challenges of a cancer diagnosis is the realization that you have cancer. Mindset impacts outcomes. The Ovary Jones Set was written by a cancer fighter for other fighters to sort through the fear, uncertainty, and anxiety that shows up uninvited on cancer’s coat tails. Becoming Ovary Jones: How to fight cancer without losing your mind has been hailed around the world by cancer patients as a guiding light through the darkness. The best seller is perfectly paired by the Mind-Over-Cancer Guided Journal prompting her to sort through all of those emotions as she learns to live with and beyond her cancer diagnosis.


The Ovary Jones Set

The Ovary Jones Set includes her copy of the Amazon best seller, Becoming Ovary Jones: How to fight cancer without losing your mind. Fighters are encouraged to feel all the feels and sort through all of the emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis. This book has been hailed by cancer fighters around the world as the guide that helped them fight and now it is perfectly paired with the matching Mind-Over-Cancer Guided Journal. Calming the fear, uncertainty, and worry requires action so this journal prompts her to tap into empowering emotions while she dismisses the emotions that do not server her well. We know the challenge of navigating through all of the uncertainty because we’ve been there.


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