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Gifts that matter when fighting cancer “, We understand you want to help. We are here to help you help her by curating Hope  boxes sent on your behalf to strengthen the mindset of the woman you love that’s fighting cancer.

Every box is packed with gifts to encourage her, ideas to inspire her, and activities designed to strengthen her inner warrior. Show her you’re in the ring with her every step of the way. 



A cancer diagnosis comes with a significant emotional burden for patients and their families. Many believe it is more than a physical disease. Most doctors believe attitude matters.
Together We Box is dedicated to helping patients shift their mindset regularly because the battle is long.

When you choose this one-time box, we curate our signature HOPE BOX just for her. This box includes her copy of the Amazon best-selling book, Becoming Ovary Jones: How to fight cancer without losing your mind. She will know she’s not alone when she wears her artisan bracelet and feel comforted with her soothing Cherapy pillow, which was featured in Oprah Magazine.

THE SUBSCRIPTION allows you to keep the power coming. Because mindset impacts outcomes, every box is designed with encouragement, suggestions, and ideas for her to strengthen her fighter mindset. Gifts brighten the day so each box is thoughtfully curated with 3 or 4 special gifts to pamper her, inspire her and let her know she’s loved.

This beautiful set includes the best-selling book packed with empowering activities every patient can do to strengthen her mindset as well as tips and ideas to make fighting cancer easier.

The exclusive companion Mind Over Cancer Guided Journal is sure to challenge what you focus on through the journey. Figuring out all the feelings that accompany a cancer diagnosis is a big part of the battle.

"You got me through my darkest days."

Love to you, Ms. Ovary Jones


You've Got Cancer

Cancer patients know everybody wants to help. 
The problem is flowers wither and fruit goes bad.

Personally, I appreciated the thoughtfulness, but I had a lot of feelings to figure out. I didn’t know cancer shame was a thing until I felt it. Cancer was an uninvited guest that broke into my house and refused to leave. I needed a steady diet of encouragement and inspiration.

I long for the day when we  eradicate cancer once and for always but until that happens, I’ll spend the rest of the days I’m granted helping cancer fighters strengthen the warrior within.

Survivor, Melanie Holscher - Gifts That Matter When Fighting Cancer

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Gifts that matter when fighting cancer

We box for you packing gifts of encouragement and inspiration carefully chosen for cancer patients. We find fighter-friendly spa sensations, artisan treats, inspirational jewelry, and creative keepsakes she will cherish. Most importantly, in every box are ideas and inspiration to foster the mindset she needs right now.

We've Felt the Feels

When business leadership coach, Melanie Holscher was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, she was suddenly in a fight for her life. Her fellow coaches challenged her to apply the mindset principals that create business success to the cancer battle. She discovered the most important principal of all… MINDSET IMPACTS OUTCOMES.

If mindset is so critical, why don’t we talk about it? A cancer diagnosis comes with a heavy bag of emotions to sort through. Too often, there’s cancer shame and guilt along with fear, helplessness, disappointment, and so many more. Let’s sort through them together. Discover how other survivors managed all the feels. Tune in to The Ovary Jones Show every week.

I Knew Something Was Wrong

I knew something was wrong

Heading into the MRI, I was eager to find out why my back was keeping me up at night. I never dreamed it was advanced metastatic cancer.

Cancer Is Not A Solo Sport

Cancer is not a solo sport

Since that diagnosis, I've talked to many patients, myself included, that had "cancer shame." Some admit they didn't tell anyone they had cancer. Everyone is as unique as every journey, but the one thread that seems pretty important is togetherness.

Our Perception Matters

Our perception matters

A lot of people I've interviewed on The Ovary Jones Show tell me it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be, which is why mindset is so important. I actually let fear get in my way for a bit not realizing I was making my life more difficult. I was afraid of a blood transfusion. I dragged myself into the hospital because my platelets were so low. I pratically skipped out! I felt normal again and I had energy.

Thank You!



Courage through dark days. “Melanie is a shining example of how to overcome one of the worst things the could happen to someone. It was wonderful to see that she never lost her faith. 

Raynne Dae

“Becoming Ovary Jones is a must read. It is not only easy to read but it’s filled with so many inspiring ideas and quotes.”

Julie Biggs

“This is an inspirational story of keeping sane during the chaos and crisis of being hit by cancer. 


I don’t have cancer but I have family members and friends that do. This book is inspirational in its no nonsense approach to illness, self care, and the mental game required to get through life. 

Karen Weiss

Sometimes Beauty Grows out of Pain

It’s easy to get tripped up in the “thought holes” of cancer, but what if you could make peace with the storm? Many cancer patients express gratitude for their journey because it served as a catalyst to make positive changes in their lives and it led them to develop an even better version of themselves. Shifting the lens through which we see cancer, many have discovered the beauty that grows through pain.

We've been there

Cancerous "Thought Holes"


What does it mean?

“Ovary Jones”

A term of endearment for the global society of maverick cancer patients. Tipping our hats to those who came before us and extending our hands and hearts to those new to the fight. (From the best-selling book, Becoming Ovary Jones.)

We're better together