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The Gift of Grit

Such a fabulous gift for anyone going through cancer. Cancer patients will find inspiration and help to keep their mindset positive, which is as vital as the treatments they are going through. 

Highly recommended as a gift!

-Kitty Barrow

What Our Customers Say

Courage through the dark days. I could not put this book down. Melanie is a shining example of how to overcome one to the worst things that could happen to someone.
Raynne Dae
This is an inspirational story of keeping sane during the chaos and crisis of being hit by cancer. A story of resilience and personal growth in the face of trauma. As a wellbeing coach who supports cancer patients, this book is one I would recommend to all of my clients.
Dr. Andrew Parsons, EMCC
This is a must for anyone facing a serious illness because mindset really does affect outcomes.
Angie moss

Here’s How You Can Really Help

Everybody wants to help the fighter they love. Personally, I had so much love and support, but life is hectic and people are busy. Sending boxes every month ensures she’s getting encouragement and uplifting inspiration to help her find light in darkness.
Nobody else could be in my head. I was alone with my thoughts and I was the one that had to fight. That’s why it is so important to strengthen the mindset consistently. The battle is long and many fight more than once. Give her something to look forward to each month.
Created by cancer fighters for cancer fighters




We want what’s best for you… One Box is Great!
If She will be Fighting for a while, a Subscription is Better

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The Set


The Ovary Jones Book & Journal Set

* Contents vary.

Every month, mindset boxes are packed with gifts, encouragement, and inspiration carefully selected for cancer patients. For example, did you know the microwaveable heating pads filled with beans or rice that we all seem to have are prone to mold? I didn’t and I was hugging that thing all through chemo! That’s why the first box includes a beautiful hot/cold therapy pillow that is mold resistant.

Curious about the other gifts? We find fighter-friendly (non-toxic) luxurious spa sensations, artisan treats, inspirational jewelry, and unique, creative keepsakes she will cherish. Most importantly, every box is designed with activities and inspiration designed to foster the healing mindset she needs right now.

#1 Amazon Best Seller Ultimate guide for fighting cancer

This book contains:

  1. 5 life-prolonging survivor lessons
  2. Empowering activities every patient can do to strengthen her healing mindset
  3. Tips and ideas that make fighting cancer easier
  4. And most importantly, hope
becoming ovary jones paperback cover

Becoming Ovary Jones: How to Fight Cancer Without Losing Your Mind (Paperback)


becoming ovary jones hard cover

Becoming Ovary Jones: How to Fight Cancer Without Losing Your Mind (Hardcover)



Becoming Ovary Jones: How to Fight Cancer Without Losing Your Mind (Kindle Edition)


#1 amazon best seller - becoming ovary jones