BOX (Signature HOPE box, no subscription)


When you choose this one-time box, we curate our signature BECOMING OVARY JONES HOPE BOX just for her. This box includes her copy of the Amazon best-selling book, Becoming Ovary Jones: How to fight cancer without losing your mind.



She will feel your love with the encouragement and inspiration packed in this special delivery sent on your behalf. Along with the book, is her I CAN Fight Cancer focus card and her hand-painted steel sculpture designed by artisan, Rebecca Duffy Bush in North Carolina. We are also happy to partner with Cherapy to deliver her therapeutic hot/cold pain relief from natural cherry pits with NO CHEMICALS. We appreciate Claudia Fassold Philips for designing these beautiful, soothing wraps featured in Oprah Magazine. As in every box, she will be encouraged to take action with activities designed to strengthen her fighter mindset. We invite her to participate in her healing with ideas and suggestions she can do no matter where she is in her journey.


Featured in Oprah Magazine.

Cherapy” is a therapeutic heat and cold pain relief wrap/pillow made from cherry pits. These beautiful, soothing wraps are designed to relieve aches and pain caused by many muscle pain and stiffness, lower back pain, headache, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, muscle cramps, congestion, stomach ache, sore knees, ankles, feet and much more. The wraps are composed of natural cherry pits that have been sewn in the fabric and contain no medicine, sweeteners or chemicals. (We work hard to source gifts for our boxes that are natural, healthier alternatives to the chemical-laden products normally found in our homes.)

Her hand painted sculpture by Rebecca Duffy Bush from her River to Sea Gallery

We are excited to feature Rebecca’s hand painted steel sculptures in the first box every fighter receives, our signature HOPE box.  These laser cut steel sculptures are each individually hand painted and signed.  They are bright, fun, whimsical and functional—perfect for reminding her you care. Her work can be seen in galleries across the country and beyond, or right at her door in her first box.

((If you want a way to use that heart collage, you can feature some of the artists in boxes 2-12.)

For instance:

Every month we pack 3 or 4 gifts designed to lift her spirits and soothe her soul.

We love partnering with inspirational jeweler, Laurel Denise, to remind fighters they are not alone with these beautiful leather bracelets. 

Here’s a sweet peek at some of our other gifts that are sure to lift her spirits like her love ornament and “you’ve got mail.” We are excited to welcome a new partner sharing her amazingly soothing artisan soaps for our largest organ, our skin. I went through a lot of radiation…so, I get it. We can’t wait to share all of our hope and encouragement with your fighter every month. 


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