Together We Box

We’ve been there. We’ve felt the feels. We know the challenges and that’s why we box for you, so she gets what she needs. She will know you care every step of the way as she looks forward to a power surge in a box sent on your behalf each month.
hugging each other

Join the Movement

Join the movement to change the way the cancer battle is fought by strengthening the mental game with monthly care packages and online resources full of encouragement, inspiration, empowerment, and actionable hope.



OUR STORY STARTED with a cancer diagnosis. When business leadership coach, Melanie Holscher was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, she was suddenly in a fight for her life. Her fellow coaches challenged her to apply the mindset principals that creates business success to the cancer battle. She discovered the most important principal of all… MINDSET IMPACTS OUTCOMES


NOW WE ARE DETERMINED to share the principals with cancer patients in monthly care packages delivered on your behalf.


WE ARE CHANGING the way the cancer battle is fought by strengthening the fighter’s mindset. We have doctors working on our bodies, but it’s up to us to develop a healing mindset. 

We encourage you to join the fight because we are stronger together.


This was me going into my first MRI. I was nervous. I had been in pain for months. I knew SOMETHING wasn’t right.

A big part of Together We Box and the Ovary Jones Fight Club is the importance of community. We are better together. Sometimes even a few simple words delivered at the right time can make a big difference. I remember talking to an amazing woman, Bonny Diver, early in my battle.

Bonny is a breast cancer survivor. She now has a charity called Hair Peace that helps women get wigs and she helped me get mine. The first time I talked to her, I knew my hair was about to fall out and I couldn’t wrap my mind around that so I asked her what I should do?

She gave me a few simple words like a gift. She said, “Put your wig on and go to lunch
with your girlfriends.”

I know that sounds simple, but I took that to heart. Within a week, my hair was coming out in clumps. I decided I wanted to be the one to shave it off in an empowered moment rather than helplessly watching it happen. Proactive not reactive. I called my son and asked to borrow his clippers. Yes, it was disappointing. My son shaved his head too. I put my wig on and went to lunch with my friend, Lori. Admittedly, I felt awkward at first like I robbed a bank or something and I was in disguise. Soon I adjusted and rocked different styles and colors. So can you!